Can A Tenent Be Compensated for Landlord Harrassment?

As a tenant, landlord harassment is a significant issue. While they may own the property, Florida’s laws outline that you have a right to occupy it in peace, without undue disturbance or discrimination. If landlords overstep the mark, there can be consequences.  So, can a tenant be compensated fo ...

Ad Valorem vs Non Ad Valorem: What to Know

Welcome to the complex world of property taxes in Florida, a crucial aspect for every property owner and potential buyer in the Sunshine State. Understanding the nuances between Ad Valorem and Non Ad Valorem taxes is not just about fulfilling a legal obligation; it's about making informed decisions ...

18 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Lawyer

Whether you're buying, selling, or simply investing in property, the guidance of a seasoned real estate lawyer can be invaluable. However, the effectiveness of this guidance largely depends on your ability to ask the right questions. The questions are designed to uncover crucial information, ensurin ...

Who Pays for a Partition Action in Florida?

Partition actions in Florida are legal processes initiated to divide jointly owned property when co-owners cannot agree on its disposition. This situation often arises in cases of inherited property, joint investments, or shared residential properties. Understanding who bears the financial responsib ...

How Long Does a Partition Action Take in Florida?

In the realm of real estate disputes in Florida, partition actions are a critical tool for resolving conflicts among co-owners of property. These legal proceedings, which can force the sale of a property and equitable division of proceeds, are complex and vary in duration. Understanding Partition A ...

How to Start a Partition Action

A property is one of the most valuable assets you can own. However, this can become a little more complex when you’re the co-owner of the property. While it’s perfectly possible to have a harmonious relationship with other co-owners, disputes can certainly arise. In some instances, this may require ...

Filing a Partition Lawsuit Without an Attorney

I've encountered numerous cases where co-owners of property find themselves at a crossroads, contemplating whether or not to separate their shared assets. One question that often arises is whether it's possible—or advisable—to file a partition lawsuit without the assistance of ...

How Much Does a Partition Action Cost in Florida?

In the realm of Florida real estate, partition actions are a common legal recourse when co-owners of a property find themselves at an impasse regarding its sale or possession. These actions become particularly prevalent in situations where property is inherited by multiple heirs, when romantic relat ...

The Pros and Cons of Relocating for Hybrid Work

With the rise of hybrid and fully remote work, more and more people are finding the flexibility they need to live where they want while still being able to work. While this has its advantages, such as the ability to save money and improve one's quality of life, it also means making some tough decisi ...

What Happens When Someone Wants to Sell Jointly Owned Property?

What are the options when a piece of real estate is owned by two or more people and at least one of those people wants to sell the property while the others don’t? A common scenario is where family members inherit real estate as heirs in a will. It also occurs in divorces, when unmarried couples spl ...

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