Declaration Naming Pre-Need Guardian

Preneed guardianship declarations are often created in conjunction with other Florida advance directives such as a living will or designation of healthcare surrogate in Florida. The declaration allows for expedited appointment of a guardian to act on behalf of you in the event of your incapacity due to, for instance, a severe medical condition like Alzheimer’s or a traumatic brain injury.

The person you name in the Designation of Pre-Need Guardianship should be someone you can trust. Since they handle your financial and medical needs in the event you can no longer do it yourself due to a medical condition. While a Florida court has the final say in regards to who should serve as your guardian, the Designation of Pre-Need Guardianship creates a strong legal presumption the court must use. Generally, the only instance a court denies a pre-need guardian is when the person named in the Designation of Pre-Need Guardianship is determined “to be unqualified to serve as guardian.”
Other persons unable to serve as guardians include:

  • Individuals who have been convicted of a felony,
  • Individuals who are incapable of serving as guardian due to incapacity,
  • Individuals who have been judicially determined to commit abuse,
  • abandonment, or neglect toward a child,
  • Creditors of the incapacitated person.


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