Many lawyers agree that is improper and unethical for a law firm or lawyer to guarantee results in any case and to tell a homeowner that they can and will get a loan modification. If a lawyer is guaranteeing you that they will get you a loan modification, run the other way. If this is the case it is probably a scam. Also, be aware if they are asking for an upfront fee, if they are asking to have the property signed over to a third party, and finally, if they offer to direct the monthly mortgage payments to a third party who will then forward it to the lender or mortgage servicer.

Although a law firm or a lawyer shouldn’t guarantee you that you can and will get a loan modification, it doesn’t mean you can’t hire their services to help you get the loan medication. There are benefits with hiring a lawyer because they know the nooks and crannies of the government homeowner-assistance programs. If you are thinking of a hiring lawyer, be sure to contact their local bar association to make sure they are an “ethical law firm” who does loan modification so you are really getting the help you need instead of losing your money in a sham.

So remember: if a law firm or lawyer is guaranteeing you that they can and will get you a loan modification, don’t listen to them. Instead, go find a reputable lawyer who does loan modifications, double-checked, and then proceed.

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