Unfortunately, foreclosures happen more often than we would like. The consequences of a foreclosure are tough, and even people who think they have it all together have a chance to fall into a hard time. There are a lot of questions swirling about foreclosures, so here is the answer to this one: once a foreclosure is filed, how long does the lender have to complete it before it expires?

There is a time limit that the mortgage company must file the foreclosure within, but there is no limit to how long the case can go on. The case never expires, although there is a possibility that there can be a lack of prosecution motion.

Your case will move at a speed depending on the attorney prosecuting and the attorney defending. Cases can range from lasting anywhere to as little as eight months to as long as three years or more. The courts are currently searching for a solution to pump the cases through in a more-timely manner.

Once again, after a foreclosure is filed there is no expiration date for the case. With there being no set time limit, the case can range from lasting months to lasting years, although a lack of prosecution motion can be brought up.

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