Foreclosures can be a lengthy, stressful process in which all sides stand to lose. Chances are your lender wants to work it out as much as you do; it is easier and cheaper to come to an amicable agreement then to have a drawn out slugfest play through the court system. But if you’ve been hit with a final notice of sale, it’s time to think outside the box.

In the ideal scenario, getting a loan modification (renegotiating the terms of your loan in order to achieve a lower, more affordable payment) is the best option for underwater homeowners. Still, attaining a loan modification on your own isn’t always easy or possible. A foreclosure prevention counseling service can help ensure your bank is reviewing the facts of your case fairly. These services are federally sponsored and completely free of charge, so be wary of any company promising to help you keep your home for a fee.

Delaying the sale

Filing lawsuit for a separate claim, such as force insurance, is not a viable postponement strategy as it will have no effect on the foreclosure proceedings. If your sale date is looming close, then it is time to seriously consider filing bankruptcy. Any type of bankruptcy will put an automatic stay on your foreclosure. However, unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which would release you from liability for the mortgage debt, Chapter 13 bankruptcy affords you the opportunity to reorganize your debt into a manageable, affordable payment plan. In essence, a Chapter 13 not only halts the foreclosure sale, it can help you get the loan modification you need.

The most secure and effective way to ensure you’re being treated fairly and that you’re doing everything you can to come out a winner is to have proper legal representation. With the help of a capable attorney, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can ultimately help you craft a reasonable deal with your lender. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you assess your unique financial position and explore the best options for your situation.

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