Florida is one of the states struggling to recover from the foreclosure epidemic that was a result of the real estate meltdown of the last few years. Fortunately for Florida families and homeowners, there are programs available to help keep them out of foreclosure, particularly Florida Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives.

The Florida Bank of America HAFA cooperative short sale program will allow people who can no longer afford their mortgages to sell their properties in short sales. The HAFA program, introduced by the federal government, is being used by Bank of America to help keep people out of foreclosure. To take advantage of Bank of America HAFA cooperative short sales in Florida, homeowners need to agree to the terms proposed by Bank of America, and then the homeowner will benefit from not losing a home to foreclosure, and not having the bank pursue for the deficient balance on the loan.

To qualify for a Florida Bank of America HAFA cooperative short sale, the owner must agree to maintain the residence until sale. The owner must also demonstrate financial hardship and understand that delayed foreclosure is contingent upon the eventual sale.