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Clearwater is the home of the beaches, big business and great spring training baseball. It’s these reasons and many more why people have flocked to the Clearwater area for years. Like many parts of the country, the recent recession has made things difficult for millions of Clearwater residents.

If you are a Clearwater homeowner facing a financial hardship, a loan modification is a viable option. Stephen K. Hachey is a Clearwater loan modification attorney and can help homeowners facing foreclosure keep their homes by negotiating loan modifications.

A loan modification changes the terms of your loan in order to bring about payments that you can afford. Most lenders will modify an existing loan in order to help homeowners who face a documented financial hardship.

Until recently, loan modifications were only given to borrowers who were behind on payments when they were faced with a hardship. Now, borrowers may be able to get a loan modification even if they are not behind on payments, but still face a financial hardship.

Reduced interest rates. Extended loan terms. Reduced principle. Sound too good to be true? With a loan modification, it’s within reach! In fact, unlike a refinance, a loan modification can make permanent changes to the terms of your original loan. But you’ll need to work with an experienced Clearwater loan modification lawyer.

At the Law Offices of Stephen K. Hachey, we can help you renegotiate to meed your specific needs and budget, working with you to achieve the outcome you deserve. It’s important to know, however, that loan modifications are often a complex and lengthy process requiring the knowledge and negotiation of an experienced Clearwater loan modification attorney. That’s where we come in, boasting the quality, one-on-one loan modification representation you deserve.

Know your options and take advantage of the best available solution.

How Do You Know if a Loan Modification is Your Best Option?

Your lender will make a calculated decision based on your hardship letter, current financial situation and employment status to determine if they should approve you for a loan modification. It is highly recommended to consult with an experienced Clearwater loan modification lawyer like Stephen K. Hachey to determine your options and offer you the best available solution.

Do You Have to be Behind on Mortgage Payments to Qualify for a Loan Modification?

No, this is a common myth and is false. Many mortgage lenders are receiving incentives to accept loan modifications while the homeowners are still current.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney Instead of Attempting to Do it Myself?

Of course you can do it yourself, but ask yourself honestly how important is it to you to keep your home. Many people have tried to complete a successful loan modification themselves with no help or advice, but remember the lender has their best interest in mind and not yours. People always hire experts to handle anything as important as the home they live in. So a better question might be, can you afford to NOT hire a loan modification attorney?

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