How Can I Qualify for Any of the Alternatives to Foreclosure?


Whatever financial situation you find yourself in, the most important thing to do when facing foreclosure is focus on how you can stay in your home. There are many alternatives and it’s best to explore them all. However, many require a lengthy process with no shortage of hoops to jump through. One p ...

Are There Ways to Avoid Foreclosure?


Foreclosure is a scary possibility for many of us. As the economy moves up and down, things like job security and cost of living can be unpredictable. It’s important to do as much as we can to stay in the clear – for our financial sake and for our sanity. Here are some ways you can avoid foreclosu ...

Are There Alternatives to Foreclosure I Should Look Into?


It can be difficult to think of foreclosure as a reality. When the economy is going through tough times, we feel it, and it can spell disaster and heart break for families that are threatened with foreclosure. However, there are several alternatives to foreclosure that you may want to look into. H ...

I Have Been Told by the Loan Modification Company That the Fee it is Charging is for a Forensic Audit. Is This Legal?


In short, the fee you’ve been charged is not for a forensic audit. Loan modification companies are not allowed to charge any fee or secure payment for a service that has not yet been completed. Without even knowing it, you may be involved in a mortgage scam. The possibility of losing your home ...

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