While federal programs are available to those struggling to keep up with mortgage payments, people who can afford their housing payments are still in a rough spot. Many of them owe a lot more money than their homes are worth, putting them “underwater” or “upside down” on their mortgages. This can create financial problems for their overall net worth. This has caused many homeowners to consider a Florida strategic default. A strategic default in Florida occurs when a homeowner who can afford the mortgage on his or her home purposely defaults on it.

Why would anyone purposely default on a mortgage? Because a strategic default in Florida can make you eligible for different programs that will help, such as short sales, if you want to sell your home, or loan modification programs, if you want to refinance at an affordable rate or have some of your balance forgiven in light of the currently low value of your home.

Before you consider a Florida strategic default, speak to a professional. You will need all the facts before you make this decision, and you’ll want to be sure it’s right for you and your financial future.