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As a Seminole County real estate law firm, the Law Offices of Stephen K. Hachey handles a wide variety of legal issues relating to residential and commercial real estate transactions including foreclosure defense, short sales, loan modifications, deed in lieus, landlord/tenant disputes, and title insurance.

Seminole County real estate law encompasses state statutes and laws, which can often be complicated and intimidating. Stephen K. Hachey is an experienced Seminole County real estate lawyer dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in connection with real estate transactions of all types. As a Seminole County real estate attorney, Stephen K. Hachey can help explain laws and regulations that govern any and all activity dealing with residential or commercial real estate.

Stephen K. Hachey, an experienced Seminole County real estate attorney, can help protect buyers and sellers from making costly mistakes and ensure that your Seminole County real estate transaction adheres to the applicable rules of Florida and Seminole County.

Sales of existing homes within the entire Orlando MSA (Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties) in September were down by 13.75 percent when compared to September of 2010. Throughout the MSA, 2,541 homes were sold in September 2011 compared with 2,946 in September 2010. To date, sales in the MSA are down 2.55 percent.

Each individual county’s monthly sales comparisons are as follows:

Seminole: 0.22 percent below September 2010 (457 sold in September 2011 compared to 458 in September 2010).

Seminole County was the only county in the Orlando metro area to buck the upward trend as the number of foreclosure properties declined to 395 in September, a decrease of 7 percent from 425 the month before. According to the data, one in 443 housing units now have a foreclosure filing compared with one in 411 in August 2011.