There are many companies out there just looking for ways to scam you to gain control of your finances and your identity. And more specifically, debt and mortgage scams.

The national foreclosure rate is at an all time high of 8% of all mortgages, and there are upwards of 6,000 filings for home foreclosures every single day. This rocky and unpredictable environment provides ample opportunity for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting homeowners by trying to scam them out of money and even their homes. Many that turn to rescue foreclosure or loan modification companies for help find out they have been scammed – and it is oftentimes too late to do anything about it. Every day homeowners are the victim of false advertising and sales pitches that promise to keep them in their homes. It’s all a ploy to draw in customers, then take their money and homes.

How do they do this? Scammers can get personal information and either send flyers in the mail, call you at your home or on you cell phone and even visit you at your home. Whichever way they contact you, they are taking advantage of your difficult situation, and it is your job to be careful who you put your trust in.

If you receive any of these communications, do not respond. If you do not recognize the address or the person calling or visiting you, be wary and do not give out personal information. These types of communications usually come from private companies that are only looking to make money and potentially scam you.

This post was written by Stephen Hachey. Follow Stephen on Google, Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.