Florida families and homeowners are now able to take advantage of Bank of America’s Florida home affordable modification program. Following the guidelines set forth by the federal HAMP program, Bank of America is working with its mortgage holders to keep them in their homes and when necessary, to modify their mortgages. Some homeowners have been able to refinance into better mortgages and others have taken advantage of the unemployment program, which suspends mortgage payments for unemployed homeowners while they search for work. Another program, the Bank of America HAMP loan modification in Florida, allows homeowners to get a new loan if they are struggling to pay the mortgage due to a specific financial hardship.

The BOA HAMP loan modification in Florida is an important step in helping homeowners stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure. Homeowners who have outstanding mortgage payments can qualify for principal forgiveness from Bank of America and get a fresh start on catching up with and maintaining mortgage payments. Bank of America is ready to help.