What Can a Short Sale Do to Your Credit?

While the real estate market is rebounding from the worst housing crisis to hit the United States since the Great Depression, hitting homeowners the hardest from 2007 to 2009, many people are still struggling to stay afloat financially and pay their mortgages. As unfortunate as it is, short sales continue to account for a larger-than- […]

The Effects of Foreclosure on Your Taxes

In most cases, paying more taxes means that you’re earning more income. Depending on your specific situation – perhaps you’ve received a bonus at work or even won the lottery – that can be a good thing, since you’ll still come out ahead financially even after getting taxed by Uncle Sam. While paying more taxes […]

Tampa FL Foreclosure Rates Still Rank High Nationally

According to a report issued by the real estate data provider RealtyTrac, Tampa Bay’s November foreclosure rate in 2015 was the sixth highest among metropolitan areas across the nation – at a rate of about one in every 512 housing units. The five metropolitan areas in the country to top Tampa on the list included […]

Does the Hardest Hit Fund Help Floridians?

The housing market crash of 2007 caused millions of American homeowners to face the risk of foreclosure because of declining property values and staggeringly high unemployment rates. In 2010, a year after the worst part the crisis, the Obama administration initiated the ‘Hardest Hit Fund’ in an attempt to help homeowners who were affected the […]