Can a Related Party Purchase my Property via Short Sale?

Short sales are transactions in which proceeds from the sale amount to less than the balance owed on the property. Though short sales can be a fiscally smart and a radically less agonizing option when facing foreclosure, it is not possible to have a related party purchase your property in a short sale. These transactions […]

If I’m Not Paying my HOA or Condo Dues, Can the Association Take My Tenant’s Rent in FL?

In 2010, the Florida legislature passed Statute §720.3085(8) enumerating powers for Florida Homeowner Associations (HOA) to bypass property owners in order to collect delinquent assessments fees directly from their tenants. The statute is designed to hold homeowners accountable for past due fees by disallowing them to collect rent from tenants residing within the community. How […]

In the State of Florida, Can I Avoid a Potential Deficiency Judgment by Declaring Chapter 7 AFTER My Primary Residence Has Already Been Foreclosed?

A deficiency judgment is entered against a borrower when proceeds from a short sale, a deed in lieu of foreclosure sale or a foreclosure proceeding on their property are insufficient to pay the entire balance of the original unsecured debt. These judgments are enforced by the courts and how they can affect you varies by […]
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